Applying for Services


Funder Requirement

If you are new to the service system, please be advised that Arch Enterprises receives funding from DIAD, Edmonton region to provide services to adults with disabilities. DIAD requires that you first confirm eligibility with their department. For the convenience of our visitors, the following link is offered as a quick way for you to obtain information about the DIAD process:  

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Arch Enterprises General Eligibility Criteria


  •      Have confirmed eligibility with DIAD
  •      Be 18 years of age or older
  •      Be medically stable
  •      Be behaviourally stable
  •      Be reasonably independent in self care domain (eating, personal      care etc.)
  •      Be an active participant in planning their vocational services

Arch Enterprises Intake Information

 If you have confirmed eligibility with DIAD and are now looking for vocational day program services:

  • Call the Intake Advisor at 780-438-4347. You will be asked a series of questions to confirm matters of eligibility and to get a general understanding of your situation, goals, interests, and background.  An appointment will then be scheduled with you. If you have a guardian, it is important that they also attend.
  • At the appointment, the Intake Advisor will share more detailed information about Arch's program options, services, supports, and resources.  You will be asked about your background, interests, skills and choices. A tour of the premises may be offered if it is relevant to the services you want to obtain.
  • At the conclusion of this appointment, an application will be provided if it is agreed that the services offered at Arch Enterprises will meet your individual goals. If it is determined that Arch Enterprises may not be suitable, the Intake Advisor may suggest other resources for you to consider.
  • Once the application is returned, the Intake Advisor will obtain consent to gather all pertinent background information in order to process your application. Once eligibility has been established, you will be advised of the time frame when services may be available.